If you have been on here recently, you would know that I have been active lately. Earlier this year I started a project using the name MADS, though I haven't posted on it yet. Well, what MADS stands for is Modular Attack and Defence Space building system. I would have posted about this earlier, but I didn't have my concept images made for yet. So what I did was that I took the modular rockets from Lego Universe and made them more versatile. So basically all I added was a way to add wings and weapons onto the LU rockets but that's not all. This system of mine has alot more combinations that could be made with it than the LU rockets. 
IMG 0541

Concept for the modular building area

IMG 0538

The layout for a MADS rocket and some ideas for some holding crastes for it

The story for this system is that minifigures found out some long lost First Builder techniques and then they made these. One of the ideas for these rockets is that you'll be able to exit Sector 9, therefore making it an end game item. The thing is though, in order to get ot of Sector 9 each time you must go into the vastness of space and destroy certain maelstrom objectives, that's where the weapons come in. You would blow up maelstom fighters and a command ship untill the command ship is damaged enough that you can escape Sector 9. Another concept fo it would be that you would be able to put on multiple cockpits, as long as the modular building area allows you to do it, which would allow you and a friend to blast some maelstrom together. Now, would I say that this brand new system is superior to LU's rockets? Heck No! Now to show you what i have been able to do so far. 

IMG 0539

Concept for space battle

LNA Faction M.A.D.S. building system

LDD models with alternate Venture League wings

Now to the question I've been meaning to ask you the community, I have only played Paradox and very little of Assembly, & my brother has done Sentinal. I would like to know how you guys would describe the factions in LU, because right now I'm just trying to make the faction rocket and I do plan on making a Nexus and a Classic rocket afterwards. What I am doing is that I am trying make these rockets based on they feel/ their faction's personalities are described. So I have to quickly finish making this post or else I'm gonna be in trouble but I really would like to know how you guys would describe each faction of Lego Universe so that I can finish making these MADS rockets. Yes I will release the LDD files when I'm done but I do want to try and encourage you guys to make your own modules and rockets for this system.

IMG 0545

Alternate mode

IMG 0544

real MADS part

IMG 0542

real MADS parts

IMG 0543

real MADS part

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