This is the Underhand. It needs some bone added to the wrist, but other than that, it is completely accurate.

Skulkin Underhand TechnicalConcepts noarmor

   The Underhand is an enemy that can spawn in Firemantle, another world I'm creating. If that idea is rejected, it might be able to spawn in a different world, maybe Nunchago. It is a giant hand made of bone about the size of a minifigure that can use it's claws to attack and does a somewhat significant amount of damage. It can also tunnel through the ground. It has more health than an average enemy, but is slightly more rare. Underhand is actually an enemy that was going to appear in LU, but was cancelled. I'm not

The Underhand

   sure if enemies from LU are allowed, but I will try anyway.

   (The first picture was created by me, and the second one is concept art. The third is what it would have looked like in LU. For more pictures created by me, look in the comment section.)