The Infinite are a ancient cult who have foreseen the Maelstrom outbreak since the dawn of time. They are hidden below Crux Minor and are distinguished by their orange cloaks and hoods and red knifes. There are four ranks: Defenders, Masters, Soothsayers and The Lost, those who have been corrupted by the Maelstrom.


The Infinite are a secret gang of Morthrans (Mythrans who drank from the Fountain of The Existence and became mortal) who have remained hidden in Crux Minor , predicting the Maelstrom disease since the Beginning of All Surveyed. When their hidden temples in the soils of Crux Minor were threatened, they made a sudden stand, though they lost many to the purple threat. When it became clear the battle was not theirs to win, the Infinite sealed off their capital temple, San Crux Xian , with Imagination. They are Vendor/Mission NPCs and are hard to access due to the strong waves of Maelstrom surrounding them. Valiant Weapons are strongly suggested, due to the large dragon, Riftbreaker, residing nearby.