Stormling Zombies are currently one of the largest of the Maelstrom Imperium forces with their ever growing numbers, they are a highly important target to the Nexus Force, and needs to be taken down before the Maelstrom Essence gives them permision to attack.

Stormling ClassesEdit

Zombie warrior

Zombie WarriorsEdit

Age have not been kind to this Zombie, their entire arms have decomposed into bare bones, but the lack of muscles and flesh, have allowed them to spin their arms more freely, thus their sword attacks are far more faster than normal Stormlings.

Zombie Chef

Zombie ChefEdit

These ressurected chefs have been using the flesh of dead animals and even Nexus members to make a brew that can enchase the powers of other Zombies, take them out before they distribute their horrible brew to all of the Zombies. They are however, poor fighters.

Zombie pirate

Zombie PirateEdit

These pirates have been ressurected by the Maelstrom infused Voodoo magic, and are far more powerful than some generic Pirate, but their shooting arm is not what is used to be. They attack by swinging their sword around and spin thanks to their peg leg.

Zombie bat

Monster BatEdit

A creation of the Voodoo Witch, these creatures where originaly normal bats, but where captured by the Zombies to be used in a Voodoo brew, along with a normal Minifigure. Now these monsters guards the deeper parts of the Voodoo Witch's lair, and will attack from the sealing, look out for their shadows. And beware of their ear pirshing scream.

Zombie voodoo priest

Zombie PriestEdit

By far the second strongest of the Zombies, hand picked by the Voodoo Witch herself. They will guard over the keys to the Voodoo Witch's lair, and have the power to empower Zombies, summond Voodoo Skeletons, and to teleport, look after their ritual carpet to have a better chanse to find out where they have teleported too.

Zombie skeleton

Voodoo SkeletonEdit

These Skeletons are the creation of the powerful Voodoo Magic that the Zombie Priest and the Voodoo Witch uses, they are however not real skeletons and are one of the weakest of the Zombies, but they come in a large numbers and grows in size and power the more they are empowerd by the Priest and Witch's magic, so taking them out will only slow you down, until you eventualy is defeated.

Zombie stormling lord

Voodoo WitchEdit

Her origins are unknown, but she have become one of the most important members of the Stormling Lords, and is belived to have spoken to the Maelstrom Essence itself on a few occations. Beware of her powers, her Voodoo magic have become so powerful thanks to the Maelstrom that her presence alone can bring an entire graveyard back to life, defeating her will bring a hard hit on the Maelstrom Imperium. And might slow down their plans a bit.

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