The Stormling Mummies are a class of Stormlings that originaly where mummies, but have now been ressurected by the Maelstrom's powers.

Stormling ClassesEdit

Mummy warrior

Mummy warriorEdit

The more common class of Mummies. They will attack players by swinging their swords and use their shield to defend themself, though, being mummies, they are slow and are easy to defeat but they also takes more damage from fire based attacks.

Mummy Snake1

Snake MummyEdit

A less common class of Mummies. They attack by ither using their three heads to bite their enemies or to throw a Maelstrom snake that that can imobilise their prey for short periods of time. Be warned that their bite can do some serious damage and can even cause Maelstrom poisoning. Their staff allowes them to control snakes, but works also as a metal club to beat their enemies.

Mummy Torcher

Mummy TorcherEdit

A fiery class of Mummies that will use their Maelstrom fire to burn their enemies to ashes. However, there are some versions of them that can't control their fire, and thus will instead rush at their enemeis before they explode in a large inferno of Maelstrom fire. the best way to defeat them is to ither let themself burn up, or to freeze them solid, but don't use fire based weapons on them, or they will explode.

Mummy Scorpion

Scorpion MummyEdit

One of the tougher Mummies. Originaly burried with magical Scorpion armor, these Mummies are strong and will be a difficult enemy to defeat. Beware of their stinger that contains Maelstrom poisons.

Mummy Priest

Mummy PriestEdit

By far the strongest of the Mummies, next to their Pharaoh. These Mummies use their now Maelstrom infused magic to make themself invinsable to any attacks, but the players can defeat them by destroying the Maelstrom infused objects that the Priests are draining power from. The Priests can use their sacrifice dagger as a long range attack, but can also shoot blast of magical Maelstrom energy, bring an unlimited number of Mummy warriors to life. In some areas they will stand guard, using their third "eye" to see their enemies and to then quickly destroy them with a blast of maelstrom energy.

Mummy Pharaoh1

Mummy PharaohEdit

The most powerful of the Stormling Mummies, and one of the Stormling Lords, taking orders directly from the Maelstrom Essence itself, he commands and ever growing army of Mummies and will become a dangerous threat to the Nexus Force if he is not taken down in time. Located deep in his tomb, he will stand as a powerful foe to any player that wishes to force him back to the land of the dead. His exact powers are unknown but there are info of large amount of Maelstrom infused objects in his tombs that he can draing for more power, thus its wise to destroy those if one ever wish to defeat him.

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