Skeleton Armor is a rare drop from the boss Skeletron and makes you almost look like a skeleton. The stats are:

Skeleton Helmet: 3DEF 4imagination 1HP Ability (Bone Regeneration): Regenerates 30 imagination over 15 seconds(Costs 5 Imagination)

Skeleton Breastplate: 4DEF 5Imagination Ability (Bone Throw): Throws a bone that does 5POW(Costs 3 Imagination)(When full set is equipped you throw bones in all direction doing the same POW)

Skeleton Leggings: 3DEF 5Imaginaton Ability (Bone Rush): Your skeleton legs pop off and rush towards and nearby enemies(Lasts 5 Secs) Does 4 POW per hit and player is not allowed to move while this ability is being performed(Costs 7 Imagination)