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Note: Useage of the name, if Corrupted is chosen, would be like "He uses the Corrupted kit" or "I'm a Corrupted" or "Three Corrupted went to slay evil zombie vampire bronies."

File:Maelstrom Manipulator all ranks.PNG
The valiant weapon is called the Shadowtwister.

They will weild the Infection as a weapon. Unlike the rest of the Inversion, they want to find a way to make it still exist in a less dangerous form, so that they can retain their powers even once it is destroyed. They are quite dangerous and their valiant is a special staff known as a Conjuror, which allows for better control of the Infection. They are quite far from the non-Inversion factions due to their views on Infection. Corrupted, when in combat, are power-hungry, cold, and do whatever it takes to win, but are not truly evil, and seem to lose any "evil" aspects when they are not using their weapons or powers. More info coming soon.


File:Eclipse Elite Agent.PNG
Their valiant weapon is the Maelsniper.

The secret agents and spies of the Inversion, Operatives are masters of stealth and celerity. Their Holostrom visors give them precision and accuracy, and they rarely miss a target. There are also non-playable versions, CARD (Central Attack and Recon Division) Operatives, that serve as frequent NPCs, as well as secret operatives that appear in certain areas, spying on other factions. More info coming soon.


Dragon TamersEdit

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More info coming soon.