PESTLE-085 and Axel Mortar are the engineering duo from the Creators faction. PESTLE is a Maintenance and Assault Mech, whilst Axel is a young tech whizz from Sector 7. They have been working on a Maelstrom leak in San Crux Xian and are found in the Temple Control Hangar.


PESTLE is an upgraded Saw Mech known as an Elite Assault Droid. When the Maelstrom struck he was immune to the disease, but an infected Jacob Mortar (Axel's father) went insane and jammed a Stromling Data chip into PESTLE's programming box. In panic, PESTLE shot Jacob and blew him to pieces. Although infected, PESTLE still fights alongside Axel in the desperate struggle against the Maelstrom.

Axel Mortar

Axel was built in Sector 7 and up until the age of 16, built little robots to help his family at home. But when the Maelstrom attacked, they were taken by Bob to the Venture Explorer. However, Axel's mother was smashed by a Stromling. Jacob Mortar took Axel to an old Assembly rocket and they ejected, landing outside the hidden temple of San Crux Xian. The Maelstrom had attacked, and Jacob was the first victim. Axel soon met PESTLE-085, and helped him design over 100 different Maelstrom defences. They now work trying to contain a Maelstrom leak in San Crux Xian Imagination Barrier.Edit


  • Mech Defence = Smash 5 Saw Mechs.
  • Leak Containment = Kill Death Troopers until you find a Maelstrom Plug.
  • New Weapons = Collect 50 Maelstrom Bricks from any Stromling and build a Master Cannon.
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