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This is a part of the LEGO® Nexus Adventures Project where anyone can contribute and upload ideas, models, and suggestions! The wiki is no longer under construction, and has an amazing 180 pages, 6 admins and 463 images. Please help us continue to grow the wiki. We have a list of pages we have selected so far to be put ingame Here. If you were/are the creator of one these ideas then we ask you make some concept of your character or idea and put it on the page.

Attention! Faction Kit ideas forum is now open! Follow this link to submit your ideas! Faction Kit Contest.

We have also recently set up the Pages to be removed category. If you were/are the creator of one these ideas we ask that you make the needed changes to that page. More info on this can be found by going to that page.

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Below are two ways you can add to this wiki, we would like to encourage you to do so as it helps the LNA team when we don't have to come up with everything ourselves. :) We would also like to request that new and old pages have the name of their original creator on the top of the page. This way we know who created the idea and we can give proper credit, we would like to encourage you to be honest when doing this as we can check for sure if the person named is the creator of the idea. :)

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  • No dirty stuff whatsoever.
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  • If someone from LEGO® Nexus Adventures sees a design they like, they can ask the design's creator if they can use it in their world.
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  • Have fun!
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