The Kahuka Islands is a small (the same sice as bob plaza) world which consist 3 islands:

The biggest (battle island) is a island which contains a battlefield where you can fight agains the mealstrom.

A little bit smaller is the main island, which contains 3 cabins (huts, cottages, i dont really know the english word for it) and a firepit. There are a few NPC's (all islanders) on it, and a teleporter to Bob Plaza.

The smallest island is the property island, which contains a teleporter to the island property (a.k.a the swamp property).

The island property is a separate world (property) which consist many very small islands on what you can build.

Anyway, on the Kahuka Islands the islands are connected via ropebridges.

The NPC's are:

-King kahuka himself (from lego racers)

-Another islander (name has to be conceived yet)

-A guard NPC (like in Avant Gardens) which cannot give missions, etc, but stops the mealstroms so they stay on the battle island.

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