I think there should be mabey  races and ride on animals do dragon races maybe put in some new weapons like more jetpacks and swords and guns maybe even wands another idea would be a vehicles that you can use oh and another thing maybe new enemies  more worlds  alot of missions even a multiplayer server for the whole game visit peoples houses there is alot of ideas I have umm maybe do  adventures and  maybe if you can like maybe make it even more realistic like the world and the war stuff and charecters maybe new armor and supplies and maybe food can regenerate your health a little oh and remember how you could build stuff in lego universe maybe do that too and build your houses and other stuff do membership too and also do loading screens with the ads for the game oh and put ninjago back in it too and ya more new armor maybe summon things  puzzles and  ya and maybe get stuff from enemies when you kill them and I think that is all my ideas for now basicaly upgrade the game oh and one more thing more worlds too anyway by hope you have a great  life and ill see you later


the end   from kaden im 10 and it is november 23thd 2013