The Redesign

He Who Dwells In Darkness was once a tourist who visited Starbase 5000. But, when the Maelstrom created the Rift, he was trapped. When there was a gap between the arrival of supplies, he went insane and tried to eat another tourist. He was arrested by police but escaped when the he was granted unlimited strength by the Maelstrom. After crushing five minifigs, he went into hiding, and now hides in a cave on Crux Minor, surrounded by Maelstrom Gas. To enter this zone and fight him, you need to acquire the Darkness Helm from the Kingdoms World. 


Stromling Wisp - Uses Maelstrom to attack Players and stop them moving, doing 3 Damage.

Fist - Punches Players in the face, dealing 1 Damage.

Evil Kick - Kicks Players in the face, does 5 Damage.
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