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World Idea

Grasslands is a medieval world in LNA that is being taken over by the Maelstrom.

NPC Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Elite Stromling
  • Corrupt Knight
  • Corrupt CrossbowMan
  • Queen Mortsleam's minions

Bosses Edit

  • Queen Mortsleam (Maelstrom backwards)
  • Hydra

Quests Edit

  • My Septer!! (This quest is available after a series of quest from the kings and he other npcs)
Reward: 20,000 coins

Places Edit

  • Grassland Castle
  • Maelstrom Cave (Dungeon)

Queen Mortsem Boss Battle Edit

When you get to the end of Maelstrom Cave, you see Queen Mortsleam. After a little dialogue she transforms into a giant floating maelstrom queen that has four arms. stats:


She has two forms, when she gets down to 80HP, she takes out four swords and her attack is +3 stronger. When she dies, she drops some new armor and weapons as well as the kings septer, which you must give back to the king.