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Welcome to the Faction Kit Ideas Forum! This is a place for community share their faction kit designs and ideas. And don't worry you don't have to draw official concept art. Just build something or describe it, and we'll consider it.

Here is a list of pages that already have ideas: We will be voting on these asap. :) Please don't create a page for your idea but start a new topic. To add a new topic, type the title in the box below and click "Add new topic". Thanks You!

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Expeditioners Pilot01:20, December 1, 2014Onuku
Alchemer Valiant, like wormholer21:45, November 7, 2014Zaxzax12
Eclipe elite agent by himself, no gentlemen time travler23:49, November 4, 2014Zaxzax12
Creator Demolitionist01:31, September 13, 2014Onuku
Eclipse Wanderer01:30, September 13, 2014Onuku
Expeditioners Bounty Hunter01:29, September 13, 2014Onuku
Creator Mechanic01:29, September 13, 2014Onuku
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