Fort Stud is a western town with a wooden wall around it. Outside the walls there is a Mealstrom inhabited desert . The village itself consist of many wooden buildings: -the saloon: Buy lots of stuff at the many vendors while you are listening to the pianist at the piano: Backyard, a NPC who plays various LNA songs old-western-piano styled. -the prison: Has similarities of the Avant Gardens Spider prison. Holding some mealstrom creatures investigated by the Eclipse. -the barn: You can tame horses and cows here! And some other buildings which arent open. There are NPCs everywhere in town. The wall is guarded by the Guardians. There is one entrence/exit and when you leave fort Stud, you enter the mealstrom infected battlefield: No Man’s Land, or The Wastelands. Beside only fighting, you can tame the Buffalo pet here.

I will update this page with more buildings and possible pictures. The name, Fort Stud, isnt sure yet. If anyone has a better name please comment.

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