A small but powerful organization, the Exordium Consortium, often shortened to Exordium, is an evil group formerly part of Inversion. They wish to control the Infection, but unlike Inversion, they wish to use its power to rule the cosmos and gain immeasurable power. In-game, they would mostly be merely referenced, and certain enemies would be stated to have been created by them. They wish to learn more about the chaos that threatens the universe, and what created it, and how it can be bent to their will. They are considered a high level threat, but they are so elusive and secretive little can be done about them. They also are rumored to have insight on the War Outside of Time. More coming soon.

Naming system normally goes Exordium (Number).(succesion, for instance, 14.4 is the forth member to be called 14, the others are now dead or missing or defected, 4.2 is the second member to be designated 4). They never have more than 25 members.

Known MembersEdit

  • Inversed (Formerly)
  • Exordium 14.4 (Boss)
  • Exordium 18.6 (Assassin, it should be noted that all Exordium assassins have been designated 18, 18.6 is the latest and only surviving assassin)
  • Exordium 4.2 (Extremely dangerous head member)