Eclipse ronin from rank 1 to valiant

  the eclipse ronin (by samrizoom) the eclipse ronin is a kit that starts with a ninja with maelstronian shoulder pads and a infected sword and iron boots

then you can get the rank 2 ronin wich has everything the first had but it holds 2 swords ,has a maelstorom ball on his chest sorta like iron man and has an iron hood

and rank 3 is the last it has the same stuff as rank 2 but has double bladed katanas in both hands and wears a flexible iron cape and he wears gogles under his iron hood

notes: maelstronian shoulder pads are dark purple

rank1 ability:, you spin your sword and move around to kill enemies and then you smash the ground sending out a maelstrom shokwave throwing back your enemies

rank2 ability:, you throw your two swords out and they start circling you destroying  nearby enemies then you reach into the maelstrom ball in rour chest and you make it shoot a beam

rank3 ability:,you raise your two doublebladed katanas and you somon 1 maelstrom that fights for you and then you start glowing purple and your defence goes up by 5 points

the ronin are decendants of the shinobi from lu yet there more misterious they are found wherever another member of the eclipse is in groups of 2 or 3 rarely 1 they belive in numbers and you can join if you are an eclipse. next we have the valiant ronin called the enhanced ronin.unlike most valiant`s the ronin gains two armor pieces instead of a weapon it buff`s the players armor in game by alot the special is the same as rank 3 but your attack goes up by 1 or 2 if stat increase : 2 health 19 armor 14 imagination.

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