The right hand man of Inversed, Dagalha requires the Infection to live. He is a walking paradox. He must use to the power of death in order for him to live. He must embrace the chaos to survive. 

Dagalha suffered an injury, and was found by the Exordium, and was used as a test subject for a form of healing that used Maelstrom. When he found that they had placed such darkness in his previously solid gold (metaphorically, not literally, only the Merchants of Vaarice have hearts that have literal gold in them) heart, he was enraged...

Horrified at the fiend he had become, he destroyed the entire lab (but did not kill, as the Exordium themselves are never fully present at experiments, instead using telepresences), and escaped. His strong will and mighty heart allowed him to hang on to sanity and light... barely...

He joined the Inversion, quickly becoming Inversed's second in command. His very heart is pure darkness, but he valiantly tries to stay light and noble. He is strongest in the presence of chaos or Infection, and spends most of his time on the battlefeild (as some other factions consider him a security risk). His only weapon is a infected wooden staff with an orb on the tip. He focuses on the orb to channel his dark powers into attacks. [Note: this staff could be a longer version of the render from the previous design of the Inversion leader, Wiz Ard, and there would be a constant, small stream of infection coming from his heart into the orb, somewhat like certain promotional arts for Chima] Dagalha has an amazing memory, and was able to help reconstruct Exordium technology, as well as being the most knowledgable on them.

Possible Idea:

He created a specialty, the Corrupted, for other minifigures who had darkness in them but do not wish to become evil. Possiblely, all minifigs have souls called creative sparks [or, to avoid any copyright issues, isparks), while most are inclined towards imagination, a few have been made with dominion over chaos. The corrupted are an assembly of these dark ones. Possibly: as it turns out, through use of much less powerful technology, minifigs' hearts can be imbedded with infection, allowing them to become Corrupted even if they were not born with a dark ispark (that way, all Inversion members can change to the Corrupted kit if they wish).

More coming soon

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