Castle defense

 Castle Defense is a minigame that can be used for Kingdoms World. It was an unused concept from LU. My version is slightly modified.

 Players will be sorted into two teams: Red and Blue. A team leader will be randomly selected. Both teams have to help each other by building their castle and installing defenses (The only defense are catapults, but cannons and ballistas may be added. There has to be a minifigure manning a station in order for the defense to fire. No defenses will fire automatically with no minifigures to man it). Then, the two teams would have to split into defensive groups and offensive groups, and try to capture the enemy castle's flag. The game ends when either one team captures the enemy flag and returns it to their base or the ten minute timer runs out. Each minifigure can select between a sword and a shield, a spear and a shield, or a bow/arrows with torch to light arrows on fire for more damage. It takes three seconds to light an arrow, but they can shoot a normal bow automatically. It takes two seconds for a normal arrow to reload. When a player is smashed, they can rebuild themselves. When they rebuild, they are teleported back to their own castle.

 That is the minigame. If it is accepted, the developers may change it any way they want.