Capture the Princess Promo

 Capture the Princess was a concept that was going to appear in LU, but it was closed before it could be added. Capture the Princess is a PvP minigame in Kingdoms World.

 Basically, 4-8 players can choose to either side with the Lion Knights or the Dragon Knights. 2-4 players can be on a team, with the Dragon Knights defending and the Lion Knights attacking. The Dragon Knights would have princesses they have to defend in their base, and the Lion Knights had to capture them. Three princesses would have to be captured for the Lion Knights to win the round. In order for the Dragon Knights to win, they must successfully defend for five minutes, preventing any more than two princesses being captured. Before the game, Dragon Knights have thirty seconds to quick build defenses until the game starts. If a princess is dropped, she will automatically teleport back to the Dragon's base after ten seconds on the ground. Players are able to build offensive and defensive structures such as walls, mines, bridges, turrets, bouncers, and gates, as well as being able to destroy the other team's structures. Players can respawn five seconds after being smashed.

   If this idea is accepted, the developers may change it in any way they wish. 

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