Alan Rain

The Alan Rain minifigure has a forest police officer torso, and it needs to be changed before the final version.

Venture Faction Greeter

   This is Alan Rain. Alan Rain is part of The Expeditioners faction. He appears on the world Firemantle  as the only NPC in the Plains. He was heading off to help explore a newly discovered world with his faction, when his rocket was struck by a Maelstrom comet. He managed to crash land his rocket on Firemantle. He managed to fix his rocket, but a rupture in the fuel tank (which he repaired) had caused him to lose all of his fuel. There were Nexus supply crates nearby, but he was too scared to leave his spot because of all the monsters. His quest is asking the player to help him get fuel to power his rocket.

Fun Fact: He is based off of an unused LU NPC "Venture Faction Greeter", which is pictured to the right.

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